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Oriental lute makes comeback on Iran music scene

Urdu Point 20 Apr 2021
Known as the oud in Arabic, it is commonly called the barbat in Persian, although some would argue the instruments differ slightly ... - Internet friends - Yahyanejad noticed young Iranian oud players were "taking more interest in Arabic and Turkish culture ... and Turkish, Arab and Iranian musicians are becoming friends on the internet".

Exploring the traditional flavors of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Arab News 20 Apr 2021
These gatherings in Saudi culture result in a diverse menu of delicious dishes, with many being made exclusively during the holy month ... Therefore, among all the aspects of local culture, food-related traditions are the most significant, distinguished and diverse ... told Arab News.

Saudi-Iran talks

Dawn 20 Apr 2021
... its revolution, which obviously did not sit well with the Arab monarchies ... Iraq can be a good interlocutor as it has relations with both sides; elements within its Shia-majority government have deep ties to Tehran, while as an Arab state Iraq shares cultural bonds with the Saudis.

Delicious diplomacy: From Dubai to Akko, food as the great equalizer

Cleveland Jewish News 19 Apr 2021
Chef Elli Kriel has lived in the United Arab Emirates just shy of a decade and opened Dubai’s first restaurant and kosher catering business out of necessity, being the only observant Jewish family in the area ... “I love experiencing different cultures, and you can do that through food,” Kriel explained to JNS.

“Perfumes are a part of our culture”

Gulf News 19 Apr 2021
Late Haji Ajmal Ali left his hometown for Mumbai and worked in the early 1950s blending perfumes and trying to find the right mixture that would impress Arab traders who visited India’s Western shores ... Ajmal in Arabic means “most beautiful” and it’s uncanny that we ended up in this industry that is a part of the beauty industry.

Berbers: North Africa’s ‘free people’ struggle for rights

Arab News 19 Apr 2021
The Berbers are descendants of pre-Arab North Africans, whose historic homelands stretched from the Canary Isles and Morocco to the deserts of western Egypt. They refer to themselves as the Amazigh, meaning “free people,” and have long fought for recognition for their ancient culture and language in modern states across the region.

Canadians of colour open to cannabis use, survey suggests

Canoe 19 Apr 2021
Sethi, whose family immigrated to Canada from India when he six, was not surprised at how Canadians of South Asian and Arabic ancestry and other minority cultures are more open on average to cannabis consumption, despite most having roots in countries where marijuana possession remains a criminal offence.

Palestinian author Reem Kassis explores the culture and cuisine of the Arab world in her ...

Finger Lakes Times 19 Apr 2021
Her goal was to focus on the commonality threaded through Arabic culinary traditions rather than regional differences ... “What we eat at home is often influenced by interaction with other cultures,” says Kassis, who modified Suntaranon’s Thai presentation with the Arabic notes of tangy sumac and a garlicky, bright dressing of lemon and olive oil.

Berbers mark 20 years since Algeria's 'Black Spring' protests

The New Arab 19 Apr 2021
"Nobody could imagine that a gendarme at his post could kill a young man in cold blood," recalled Said Sadi, an emblematic figure in the Berber culture and identity movement. The Berbers are descendants of pre-Arab North African populations, whose homelands stretch from the extreme west of Egypt to Morocco.

Senior Finance Officer (Syrian nationality)

Reliefweb 19 Apr 2021
T. Preparing monthly financial reports for the organization and projects. Ensure the application of the financial procedures. Banks reconciliation. Treasury & cash management ... Following up donors payments ... Understanding of the political and cultural context in Syria. Demonstrated written and oral English communication skills with Arabic ... .

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Coordinator

Reliefweb 19 Apr 2021
Champion an organizational culture where data is routinely used for evidence-based decision making and program adaptation ...Coach, train, supervise, and mentor MEAL department staff ... Ability to communicate in Arabic is an advantage. •Strong cross-cultural communication skills and comfortable working as part of a diverse team ... .

Algeria: Remembering Amazigh’s Black Spring

The North Africa Journal 18 Apr 2021
Arabization measures ... In reaction to the French policies, the nation-building project envisioned by the Algerian nationalist and pro-independence party, the FLN, made it so that Algeria would be a monolingual Arab and Muslim country, with little consideration for the pluralism of cultures, identities and languages in Algeria.

How Jewish women married to Arabs were regarded as a threat to Israel: Haaretz

Arab News 18 Apr 2021
The histories of the “lost” Jewish women — those who married and assimilated into Arab culture — have been revealed by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which details the cruel treatment they faced from their own community, including “harsh opposition from home, ostracism, labeling, and opprobrium and social alienation.”.

For Arab Israelis, the New Peace Treaties Spell Opportunity

Foreign Policy 18 Apr 2021
The Abraham Accords are spurring Israel’s Arab entrepreneurs to bridge cultures ... .

The folklore of plants: Dandelion

Bowling Green Daily News 18 Apr 2021
Love them or hate them, these golden beauties have a rich and varied lore. Known as “The Peasant’s Clock,” it was time for the peasant (country dweller) to begin work in the fields when its flower opened early in the morning. The feathery seed head is a surprisingly accurate barometer ... Arabic cultures used it to treat liver and kidney ailments ... .